Auspicious Name Selection for Your Baby Child

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... Giving your baby child a good auspicious name is the best gift you can ever give him or her.

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Choosing An Auspicious Chinese Name for Your Child

Choosing An Auspicious Chinese Name for Your Child

Giving your child a good name is the best gift you can ever give him or her.

Now you have brought them into this world, you have the responsibility to ensure they are given a good name, an auspicious name that aid them in their future life success.

Even though a name will not directly influences one destiny but choosing a good name is a lifetime thing. We are recognized for what we are called. Whether you like it or not, your name follow wherever you go. What you name your child will influence his or her future.

To have a name that he or she likes, they will feel confident and special. But to have a name that he or she detests, they may just feel depressed and pessimistic. This is one thing you certainly wouldn't want your child to have.

What make a good name? Definitely one that is easy to pronounce and remember, yet which bring out the charm of one's.

To start off the journey with a good name encourages a bright future for your child. And to better provide for that, choosing an auspicious one.

Take note. A Chinese name can be of different characters that sounds the same but of total different meaning. And each of these character and their strokes has their very own element too.

But not to be worrying. We can advise you on one that would be of personal helpful elements to your child (based on his or her birth data)

Warmest Regards,
Geomancer / Master Auntie Liu

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Auspicious Baby Name Selection

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