Love Letter #06

I have gone out now, but I want you to know where I went.
I walked into the Strawberry Hills Starbucks,
and dialed your number, but you weren’t there.

We could have listened to Jazz music, drank African coffee,
and heard each other’s troubles,
but our moment of romance never happened.
Why? Because you went shopping at a mall.

My darling, I don’t know if I believe in such a thing as bad luck,
but missed opportunities are all we seem to be having lately.

Love Letter #07

I saw you on Saturday afternoon, but did you see me,
and if you did, would you even admit to it?
How much longer must we both deny our feelings?
I cannot anymore, and I know in my heart I still love you.

I believe that you feel the same for me also,
but until you tell me, what can I do?
Are all my efforts to reach you in vain?
Should I stop writing to you altogether?
Please write to me or this will be the last time that I try.

Love Letter #08

My dear, please listen to what I must say,
for I know neither of us has heard each other of late,
even though we both have spoken many words.

Daily I pray that romantic manifestations of love
would pour down in this castle of pain,
that we would say kind and tender things,
and become drunk in the wine of each other’s eyes
just as it was when our relationship began.

I pray that our love might rise
to the height it has now fallen from.
Let us not find fault with each other,
or try to determine who was the more wrong.
All I want is for us to be reconciled.

Love Letter #09

You were out, and I could not find you.
I was wondering if you would like to go
to the countryside where I lived in my youth.

I received a call from the farmer down the road from Momma’s house.
He’s been raking and bailing hay all day.
He needs a few strong hands to stack the wagon and pack bails in the barn.
And I don’t think he’d mind when all the work is done,
if we stay in the upper loft till midnight,
just below the rafters, with an old lantern, a blanket,
and two feather pillows.

Love Letter #10

I have been looking upon you lately,
and often when you have not known it.
I have discovered again the intimate touch of your hands,
the light of your dazzling eyes,
the sparkle of your waist-length hair,
the elegance and grace of your steps,
the beauty of your dark complexion,
the softness of your silken skin,
and it has become like the first time I met you
when I was only nineteen.


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