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Romantic Love Letters

If you'd like to share with us your letter of love and romance, you can submit them here at our Love Submission Center.

Love Letter #11

I have been looking upon you lately,
and often when you have not known it.
I have discovered again the intimate touch of your hands,
the light of your dazzling eyes,
the sparkle of your waist-length hair,
the elegance and grace of your steps,
the beauty of your dark complexion,
the softness of your silken skin,
and it has become like the first time I met you
when I was only nineteen.

A Love Letter by Chris Lindsay

Love Letter #12

Last night I dreamed I knew you as deeply as I do now,
but you did not know me with the same intimacy.
I was almost a total stranger to you.

Although you didn’t know me as you do in reality,
I thought nothing of it, and proposed marriage to you,
but to my shock and surprise you kindly declined--
said you needed more time to decide just who I am.

Despite this delay,
I determined to keep showing you the sincerity of my love,
and resolved to keep courting you
in the hope that you would be my bride.

At that very moment I jolted awake in my bed,
and as I looked at you sleeping beside me,
in my heart there was a great pain and agony
from not knowing if you would have loved me
if we had met under entirely different circumstances.

A Love Letter by Chris Lindsay

Love Letter #13

Dear Angel, I'm not a guy who knows how to win your heart neither am I a perfect wonder. All I know is that I'm sincere and willing to work hard for you. I remember when the first time I saw you; you've captured all my soul. You doll yourself up with blue causal outfit together with that cute little hat. Your smile and ways you put things into passion impressed me. I'll remember that day forever. I always remember each detail happened every time we meet.

Sometimes I'm kind of scare to think of you because your heart tells me that we're impossible. I've tried many ways to forget you & stop all the pestering that makes you mad.But the more I have try, the feeling become stronger each day because I know I'm serious about you. When you're not around, I feel sad & worry. I feel I'm loosing something important.

Even you choose to be just friend, my sincerity remains. Please let me share your sorrow I'll wait for you with my truth.


A Love Letter By Robbie Love to Angel



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Romantic Love Letters of love and romance

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