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............ Collection of famous love poems and romance love poetry.

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Explore the beauty of romantic love poems about love, romance and lasting commitment. Read poems written by our visitors. Or, you'd like the world to hear your own romance poetry, you can submit them at our Love Submission Center.


I was born at dawn And again in the warm summer rain
When the leaves swirl with the dance of the wind
And at the silent snowfall that fills my soul
When the spring sky is decorated with lightening
And fall colors form the illusion of movement When the evening sky turns purple and orange
And the moon backlights the ocean waves
When the stars twinkle and ballet in the night sky
And my tongue tastes the sweetness of fresh fruit
When the birds serenade me at sunrise
And the summer sun fades behind the horizon
When I happen upon a quiet meadow with flowers in bloom
And when I am with you

Submitted by Purple Haze




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Collection of famous love poems and romance love poetry.

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