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Explore the beauty of romantic love poems about love, romance and lasting commitment. Read poems written by our visitors. Or, you'd like the world to hear your own romance poetry, you can submit them at our Love Submission Center.


They say that destiny you can not change
And all must come the way it will
And all the happiness and pain in life
Are nothing else but events in your life

Sometimes is hard and your heart brakes
When all the things you hoped for in life
Turn to illusions as time goes by
And you are left lonely to cry at night

But please have hope
–I know it's hard
That live shall change for you with time
And one day soon–of maybe now
Destiny is writing of love in your live

Just keep your hope and open heart
You never know what is waiting in life
Tomorrow will come and by the destinies will
Tomorrow you may find–the love of your life.

by Mike Wolan



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Collection of famous love poems and romance love poetry.

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