Love Poems - "How Can One Moment Hold the Work of Years?"

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Explore the beauty of romantic love poems about love, romance and lasting commitment. Read poems written by our visitors. Or, you'd like the world to hear your own romance poetry, you can submit them at our Love Submission Center.

How Can One Moment
Hold the Work of Years?

How can one moment hold the work of years,
As if time could be gathered in a sea?
Perhaps one might sail upon one's tears,
Pensive in the drift of memory.
Yet now is time to celebrate your love
After many years of loving well.
Now we, whose lives your hearts and spirits move,
Need our joy and happiness to tell.
In your love is our ancestral home.
Vistas in our hearts come from your fields.
Eden rests with you, that we may roam
Rich in dreams that early sunlight yields.
So may you savor this, your special day,
And sweet, sweet memories the time delay,
Recalling with fresh wonderment the life
You've shared so long in love as man and wife.

Nicholas Gordon

About the Author
Nicholas Gordon




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Collection of famous love poems and romance love poetry.

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