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............ Collection of famous love poems and romance love poetry.

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Explore the beauty of romantic love poems about love, romance and lasting commitment. Read poems written by our visitors. Or, you'd like the world to hear your own romance poetry, you can submit them at our Love Submission Center.

How Can I Tell You
More than I Can Know

How can I tell you more than I can know?
All the oceans in me fall away.
Precious thoughts, when wild emotions blow,
Pause fleetingly, but can't prolong their stay.
You are the dual anchors of my life
As inner tides well up and then decrease;
Nor can I see you else but man and wife,
Not two but one, a single source of peace.
I need the love you harbor for each other
Very much as if it were for me:
Each day with both a father and a mother
Rests within, a gentle ecstasy.
So may your love continue, sweet and strong,
As beautiful as now, your whole lives long.
Remember well my love for both of you:
Your future holds the hopes of more than two.

Nicholas Gordon

About the Author
Nicholas Gordon



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Collection of famous love poems and romance love poetry.

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