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............ Collection of famous love poems and romance love poetry.

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Explore the beauty of romantic love poems about love, romance and lasting commitment. Read poems written by our visitors. Or, you'd like the world to hear your own romance poetry, you can submit them at our Love Submission Center.

How Both of You Are
Voices of One Song

How both of you are voices of one song!
As counterpoint makes one soul out of two,
Pleasing to the heart in all you do:
Praising love with music clear and strong.
Your harmonies our faith and hope renew
As beauty like a wave sweeps over wrong:
No act of love can fail to touch us long,
Nor cold, dark anger fail to undo.
In coming years your love will only grow.
Vistas shared will open up behind.
Each kiss will glisten in the early dawn,
Reminding you of stars long tucked away.
So may your years of happiness bestow
A gift of sunlight warm, serene, and kind,
Revealing love of pride and passion shorn,
Yet basking in the glow of golden day.

Nicholas Gordon

About the Author
Nicholas Gordon



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Collection of famous love poems and romance love poetry.

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