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............ Online romantic love stories about true love. Let the world hear your romance.

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Romantic Love Story
submitted by our visitors.

Got a love story about love and romance to tell? Let the world hear your submitting here at our Love Submission Center.

Love Story: Endless Love...Ally & Vinny's Love Story >>

In 1993, while still in middle school, two shy, ackward 12 year olds met in their 6th grade class. He was tall, lanky, goofy and mature for his age...she was tall, a litle chubby but pretty, and really involved in life and school activities... More >>

Ally & Vinny - 9/93 to PRESENT!

Unfinished Business

Love Story by Shanaya

Some may call me crazy. LOL! I beg to differ. I mean, aren't all first crushes this way? You never get completely over it; at least I haven't. I've been crushing on this dude since the second grade! That was when we first met. He stood out so effectively in every way. He was beyond cute and he wasn't just a niggard with looks. Baby boy had smarts, too. I fell head over heals for him from that very day... ... More >>

My Love Story

My love story began late last year, the day I met, Tracy, at a wedding ballroom. We were both arranging sitting next to each other at the dinner. I was immediately struck by her beauty, intelligence, and charm. Since I didn't know the rest in the dining table, I began to introduce myself. We talked for more than an hour before we noticed we had met before in an outing club. Fate could bring us together.

After the dinner, I couldn't get her off my mind. I missed her so much. An entire month went by before I had the opportunity to see her again at her work place. We became closer and see each other every Thursday and Friday. One day, the moment she walked in the door, I dropped down on one knee and asked her if she would be my wife–"

Tracy ended up becoming my wife and we share One World.

Gordon Mike, 32
Santa Cruz, CA

A Long Distance Love

I am a young woman 30 years old, living in the Hawaii. Three years ago I have met a man from United States online. We didn't have the standard courtship for the reason that we're too far apart.

We have spent lots of hours on Internet chat sharing interesting topic about everything under the sun. We have become very close, and enjoyed each other's company in cyber space. We emailed back and forth virtually every day for three months before we met in Hawaii.

When we first met, I feel weird being next to him because I get so use to seeing him "on Screen". We spent a whole night in the coffee house trying to know each well. To my surprise, I was met with the kindest expressions of truth from his heart. He was easygoing, warm and truthful. Someone told me, "online" people could easily lull you into a false sense of security. Maybe I was lucky to know someone like him. I got married last year and came to US.

It is truly possible to know for someone online and with long distance love!


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Online romantic love stories about true love.

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