In 1993, while still in middle school, two shy, ackward 12 year olds met in their 6th grade class. He was tall, lanky, goofy and mature for his age…she was tall, a litle chubby but pretty, and really involved in life and school activities. From the second he met her, he loved her. His eyes were transfixed on her sea green eyes and her infectious laugh. She thought he was sweet, but other than that, she didn’t give him the time of day. He did everything to win her attention, but all she found in him was a best friend. For years she confided in him about all her secrets, her problems, made him approve of every boyfriend (which he didn’t always do and she didnt always listen), until 2 years later, he moved to CT with his family. He was grief stricken to lose the girl he loved, she missed her best friend. The two friends remained in constant contact (he even had his parents drive 3 hours to be a part of a chorus concert, just to be with her) but didnt get to see one another again until they were 18 years old. That whole time, he had held out hope for her, and when she came to visit him, she told him they should date. He was estatic, she wasn’t overly serious.

Not long after, she wrote him telling him that she loved him but that it wouldn’t work. He was crushed….she moved on. Yet still he held out hope. When she was 20, she got married…eloped…and did not tell him. He found out through her mother and was furious that he did not know about it. He tried to regain her friendship, but her husband was controling and would not allow it…they didnt speak again for 4 years. Then by the grace of God, she divorced him. He was sorry that she had been hurt (abused), but knew that she did not belong with him…they began a friendship again and she invited him down to meet the new guy she was dating and get his approval…just like always….This time, she noticed something in him. He grew into an amazingly handsome, ambitious, funny and intelligent man. Now, at 24 years old, they both began to see something in each other that had not been possible before…a future. She could not focus on her boyfriend, but remained with him, longing for him.

A few months passed and they remained friends still and talked almost every day. She invited him down memorial day weekend for her grandmother’s 80th birthday and he came…for her. And then it happened….he kissed her. He didnt care any more about the other guys, or what she was doubting…he had to get his point across that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her….she kissed him back. They spent the weekend talking and making love until dawn and things changed. They fell in love….nothing else mattered. They were best friends since they were little kids…now they were lovers, they were complete. She admitted this to her boyfriend, he was crushed, she was sorry….but so happy….She told him that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him too….he backed away! This was so confusing for both of them! You may ask….why did he back away!? This is what he wanted all along! You see, the love of his life, his best friend, had cancer and a heart defect that could cause problems later on. He was afraid to lose her…he didnt want to watch her die. He thought, if he were just her friend, it wouldnt hurt as much if she died. She cried, she pleeded, he thought….He decided…Now that he had the best, second best would never do. He said yes, he would be with her always. She cant forget his smile, his kiss, his touch and is anxiously awaiting the day they can be together always (they live 3 hours apart)…..He is happy knowing that he finally gets to love forever, the woman he has loved all along. Their parents are thrilled for them….they hope to be married some time in 2007…..

This is my love story…. Ally


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