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............ Tips about some common sense safety tips for meeting your online date in person

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Meeting Your Online Date in Safety
by Caroline Mackenzie

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Meeting Your Online Date in Safety

Here are some common sense safety tips for meeting your online date in person. Your instincts will play a strong role in keeping you safe too, so listen to them and take action if you feel uncomfortable or alarmed at any time. Remember, thereís also a good chance that your date is perfectly genuine. Tread a sensible line between optimism and caution and your date will safe and enjoyable.

Meet when youíre ready:

Donít be pressured into meeting your online date. One of the big attractions of online dating is that you can find out the important stuff - be sure thereís a real possibility for a relationship Ė up front, so take your time and make the most of it. Your offline date should confirm and enhance your feelings, not lead to disappointment, or nasty surprises!

Meet in a public place:

Hopefully most of you are yawning at this. However, when youíve build up some trust online, and share an interest in lonely country walks, say, a lonely country walk might seem like a great idea for a first date. Give yourself a severe reality check when arranging a first date. First dates should always be in well-populated, public places.

Meet in a familiar or well-known area:

You need to be able to find your way home, or back to your hotel room, quickly and easily. Donít travel into unfamiliar neighborhoods and if youíve traveled to an unfamiliar city to meet your date, choose a hotel in a central area thatís well known to taxi drivers and locals.

Meet in a place where youíre not well known:

For first dates, avoid favorite hangouts where everyone knows you and your business. Your date can return to pry information out of your favorite bartender or friends, or turn up uninvited Ė bad news if you decide not to pursue the relationship.

Travel independently:

Revealing where you live, where youíre staying or getting into a strange vehicle puts you at risk. Be sure to make your own way to and from your date, and donít be persuaded otherwise. If you make your travel arrangements ahead of time, youíll have a good excuse for refusing any offers to pick you up or drop you home, and if your dateís half the person you think they are, theyíll respect your independence and caution.

Make your own arrangements:

Donít let your date take over and make all the decisions about where you go, what you do, and, if youíre traveling from another city, where you stay. Make your own travel arrangements (Iíve said this already, but itís important), book your own hotel, and make sure you and your common sense get to play a big role in deciding when and where your date takes place.

Tell a friend or relative about your date:

Make sure someone knows who youíre meeting (their full name and phone number), when, where and at what time you expect to be back.

Take your cell phone:

If you donít have a cell phone, borrow one. Arrange for someone to call you at a certain time to check up on how your date is going, and how youíre feeling about it. Agree beforehand on some phrases that will let them know, without giving the game away to your date, whether itís going well or whether you need to put a pre-arranged escape plan into action.

Donít drink too much:

Sure, a drink can calm your nerves but be careful not to overdo it and lose your ability to make safe and sensible decisions.

Leave if you feel uncomfortable:

Youíre excited about your date, you want it to go well, to give it every chance of success but (and itís a big but) donít let this tempt you into ignoring or excusing the fact that something doesnít feel right. If it doesnít feel right it probably isnít. Trust your instincts, admit it and get out of there. If necessary, enlist the help of a waiter or manager or some other person that can help you make a get away, perhaps feigning a call from home or showing you an alternative way out of the building. Remember though, itís not necessary to explain yourself to your date. Simply leave.

Watch for strange behavior:

When you meet offline, dating should fall into a natural, comfortable pattern. Stop dating if it doesnít. For instance, if your date always wants to meet some distance from where they live or work, is reluctant to introduce you to friends or family, or has strange rules about how and when you call each other, somethingís very wrong.

by Caroline Mackenzie

About The Author

Caroline Mackenzie is Co-Owner/Webmaster of The Dating Muse, a guide to online dating services and personals featuring reviews of the top online dating sites plus tips and ideas for finding friends, dates, soulmates and sexual adventure online. You can visit her site at and subscribe to her newsletter at

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online dating tips - Meeting Your Online Date in Safety

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