Tips for Romance Every Day of the Year

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........... Wondering how to be romantic and creative with your partner or date?

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Tips for Romance Every Day of the Year
by Lorraine Lamont

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Ten Starter Tips for Romance Every Day of the Year

Wondering how to be romantic and creative with your partner or date? Perhaps you are single and interested in dating someone and want to show your interest. Maybe you are in a committed relationship and feeling burdened by work and donít have time nor the funds to whip up a second honeymoon. Either way, you care about your partner and would like to show it, but may not have a clue as to what you should be doing. Good news! I am here to provide some romantic suggestions that work for both genders. Once you read a few, youíll be able to come up with your own ideas Ė inexpensive, more original than flowers, more memorable than a Rolex Ė and suitable for every day of the year.

1. Grocery shopping for dinner with a new date? Remember what he or she likes, then plan to have some of the same items on hand for your next visit. Hold hands at the checkout counter.

2. In a traffic jam? Even if you two are simply waiting for the light to change in the car or crossing the street, lean over and give a kiss. Youíll get a smile a response.

3. Busy schedule? Meet your mate at the door with his/her slippers, bathrobe, and a soothing drink.

3a. Same as number 3, but add wearing your own slippers, bathrobe, etc.

4. Little spontaneous notes can be packed in with lunches, placed near the coffee pot, left on a pillow, even taped to the bathroom mirror.

5. Always unlock the car door for your partner. If you are the driver, open the passenger door first. If you are seated in the car, reach over and unlock the other door.

6. Canít afford a romantic getaway? Enjoy a cozy evening at home Ė just the two of you - and PLAN one. There is much fun to be had in the planning. Youíll see.

7. Call him/her when you witness or think of something funny during your day. (Note: donít have a cell phone? It is time to get one.)

8. Share a picnic. If the weather isnít cooperating, spread a blanket and big, fluffy pillow on the living room floor and have a picnic there!

9. At least once a day, find a reason to thank your partner. Whether it is for taking you on a date, taking out the garbage, being your best friend, or simply just for making you smile, say thank you.

10. Sit or play outside together. It doesnít have to be a sunset cruise to be memorable. You donít have to climb Mt. Everest for excitement. Let nature take its course. It is easy as gazing at the stars.

The above covers only a fraction of the possibilities. It should, however, be enough to get you started. Try a few. Youíll find that you come up with your own ideas easily. Best of all, your relationship will stay fresh and be enhanced as well. So, letís get creative, shall we? Hereís to your romance!

About The Author

Lorraine Lamont writes for - If you are single and looking for love then this is the site for you. Articles, Reviews and Links to the best sites on the Internet and the DrDating Forum Ė a forum for people looking for help in love, relationships and dating.

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Tips for Romance Every Day of the Year

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