Top 10 Places to Kiss Your Love

Behind their ear
Tip of their nose
Back of their neck
Under their chin
Curve of their waist
Palm of their hand
Sensitive Spot
Their eyelids
Tips of their fingers
Small of their back

Top 10 Places for Kissing

In your bedroom
At the movies
The beach
In the carpark
In a car
Anywhere (when no one is around.)
At the park
In your house
At the airport
In an elevator

Top 10 Favorite Types Of Kisses

French kiss
Cheek kiss
Tongue sucking kiss
All over kiss
Angel kiss
Wake up kiss
Tongue kiss
Back kisses
Wet kiss
Surprise kissing
Refer to our “Types of Kisses” page

Top 10 Romantic Flowers

Lemon Blossoms
Honey Flower

Top 10 Romantic Gifts

Candlelight dinner
Red roses (with a love poem or kiss)
Flowers and chocolate
Handmade gifts
Decorative Jar with loving hearts
Jewelry (Heart shape)
Teddy bear
A kiss
Love letter & poem
Romantic message in a bottle

Top 10 Things To Do With Your Partner

Kissing and holding hands
Sleeping next to each other
Have an all day date
Make love
Have a romantic dinner
Cook together
Watch a movie
Looking into each other’s eyes
Online chat (WebCam)

Top 10 Reasons People Fall In Love

Their personality
Their romantic nature
The affection towards their partner
The respect they’ve shown their partner
Their physical features
Their sense of humor
The friendship they share
A sense of bonding between each other
Their partner provides a sense of security

Types of Love

Committed Love
Sexual Love
Platonic Love
Romantic Love
Puppy Love
Passionate Love

Things To Keep Your Romance Alive

Avoid arguing
Look for new ways to spice to your love life
Be romantic
Trust one another
Always be there for each other
Never part without kissing
Treat your partner with the respect they deserve
Make yourself trustworthy
Say something sweet to your love every day
Send an e-mail to let your partner knows you’re thinking about him or her


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