The American Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Little did he know that his quote would sum up the past, present and future of women. He also didn’t know that women would emerge as powerful pillars of society. It wasn’t until the 20th century that American women were allowed to vote and it took even longer until they could say no to sex in their marriages. What lies behind us is the history of women, who paved the way to liberation.

What lies before us is the most meaningful time ever for women. What lies within us is the power to continue this feminine revolution. The once considered submissive female gender is rising to the top. Today women have assumed the roles of CEOs, litigation lawyers and senators. Women earn four out of every 10 law degrees and almost that many medical degrees. They have become activists against violence and proponents of human rights. Their worth has become defined by their accomplishments and ability to make a difference.

Today women seek validation as complete human beings. Along the way they have learned to master remote controls, change tires and file income tax returns. They know how to shop for bargains and still splurge on Godiva chocolates. They cry over romantic movies and get a thrill from the X-files. They are touched by the sight of babies and outraged at violence. When making love they like to be on the top, in charge of their own fulfillment.

Yet, taxis still stop for us, men still open the doors for us and firefighters will rescue us first. We don’t have to pay when we go on dates. We can go after what we want without being afraid to ask for help. We can say what we mean, without being mean when we say it. We can walk in the shoes of others, without losing direction. Best of all, we know how to solve our problems by simply eating chocolate.

There are more fashion stores for women than there are for men. Entire cosmetic departments, loaded with stuff to make us look and smell pretty, are created just for us. Our underwear, enriched with lace and rhinestones, is fortified with silicone inserts and airlifts. It doesn’t get any better than that. Our options and power are endless and here is some data to support that:

By 2010, women are expected to control $1 trillion, or 60 percent, of the country’s wealth – BusinessWeek and Gallup.
Women purchase or influence the purchase of 80 percent of all consumer goods.

This is just the beginning! On a competence level we have what it takes to grab the world by the tail. Women are natural at multi-tasking. They talk on the phone, while cooking dinner, shave their legs while applying eye-makeup and run a corporation while managing a household. Women have compassion like no other species and never tire of listening to problems. They have the courage to find solutions when others give up. Equipped with great intuition they know right from wrong without consulting an expert.

Women are great communicators connecting easily with people. They are resilient in the face of adversity and are networking pros reaching out for support. Instead of hoarding information, women freely share with others. They are emotionally tuned-in and have the gift of expressing it.

Women have the courage to be honest and outspoken. When dealing with stress, women can have a pedicure or go shopping. Best of all, women don’t need to compete with men to be successful. They can stand on their own, or be united to reach goals. Femininity is personal power and at no other time in history has society been so touched by the power of women.

While many women may still be judged by the shape of their legs, corporations are zooming in on feminine traits. With a new female leadership style emerging, women are hired into positions of power because of their skills and femininity. Obviously, many companies believe that the best man for the job is still a woman. Society has finally concluded that the lack of female energy is the reason for most problems in our world.

Women have what it takes to create a more peaceful world of human equality. Our time has come to capitalize on our feminine traits and the warmth of our hearts to rock the world. No matter what background, religion or race we come from, we don’t need to look outside for validation. Our strength lies within. The world needs us. It needs our courage to forge ahead, our intuition to discern, our passion for humanity and our wisdom to see the big picture. Women must stand united in their feminine spirit to bring about global changes. There is nothing quite like women with a purpose, who rise to the occasion.


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