Often I have walked alone in life
Trusting only my self and my heart
But one day what I hope for I will find Love
–you in my life I hope to find

Love of my life I am trying to find
Her name to be revealed perhaps by time
–her loving touch I hope to find
My heart is searching for soul mate in life

Only the lonely can hear my cry
Although the pain and scorn of life
Is known to many and told by some
Who loved and lost their true love in life

You are truly alive only at times
–have all the joy and peace in your heart
When love and fate and trust of the one
Lets you express what’s in your heart

You see my friends love is divine
The love that bounds and joins two hearts
No power on earth can ever brake
The love of two hearts which beat as one

I love you–to say one day in my life
Hope I will be able before I die
Love of two hearts beating as one
Is what I wish for and search in life

So maybe one day my treasure
I’ll find –a place for love
I have in my heart Destinies hand will decide in my life –
I hope my love one day I will find.


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