a rose, she is
and one in full bloom
she gives me the stars,
and the sun, and the moon
and her smile is not just just a beautiful sight,
though it is,
but its power, and love,
from below and above

she is daytime and night
she is wrong, she is right
she is peace, she is fight
she is blind, she is sight

and when i am with her,
i’m rock and i’m sand
i am wind
i am fire
i am sea and i’m land

and when were together,
we are fragile but strong
the wild life whispers
we are dance, we are song
and the birds in the trees, freeze
and detect,
that we’re young, and in love
we are reverence, respect

And when we’re apart
we are both so alone
and we look to the sky
and the sun cries

by L. Dylan Christopher


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